Discover Jewish Curaçao!

Tiny little Curaçao packs a whopping Jewish history spanning almost 400 years. The magnificent Mikvé Israel-Emanuel synagogue in the center of Willemstad, a UNESCO World Heritage City, is perhaps the most iconic monument symbolizing Jewish Curaçao. But elsewhere in town and on the outskirts of the city lie many other heritage sites worth exploring. Tour the imposing Jewish neighborhoods of Scharloo, Pietermaai and Pen. Behold Beth Haim Bleinheim and Beth Haim Berg Altena, two remarkable centuries-old cemeteries which bear witness to generations of Jews who have lived on this island. Venture out to the suburbs to see the modern Shaarei Tsedek shul and how seamlessly old and new intertwine at the the Mongui Maduro estate.

Explore the many aspects of Curaçao Jewish culture, history, and traditions.

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Jewish Curaçao Heritage sites

Mikvé Israel-Emanuel Congregation

This glorious sanctuary dates back to 1732 and still serves as a house of worship for a mostly Sephardic reform congregation. Behold its majestic chandeliers, the warmth of the mahogany furniture and intriguing sand on the floor. Click here to for more information about visiting, praying or learning with us.

Jewish Cultural Historical Museum

Housed in two historic buildings, the museum recounts almost 400 years of Jewish life on the island in several permanent exhibitions. Click here to for more information about our exhibits, our collection and plan your visit with us.   

past, present and future

The Jews of Curaçao

The Jews of Curaçao – past, present and future – came from all walks of life, arrived here via different paths, and many continued on their own journeys. What they have in common is a shared history and an unbreakable connection to this unique rock in the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

Beth Haim Cemeteries

The sepulchral art in both Jewish cemeteries on the island is remarkable, as is the fact that innumerable people in the Americas can trace their lineage back to someone buried within these walls. Click here for more information about the cemeteries and the people buried there.  

Shaarei Tsedek Congregation

This striking example of modern architecture is home to the Shaarei Tsedek community, comprised of mostly Jews of Ashkenazi descent. Its stunning glass dome underscores the connection with the Almighty. Shaarei Tsedek is served by a Chabad Rabbi.  Click here for more information about visiting, praying or learning with us. 

Mongui Maduro Museum, Library & Jewish Archives

The Plantation House Rooi Catootje houses a delightful new museum and a state-of-the-art library and Jewish archives. The Mongui Maduro Museum tells the story of four generations of Maduro’s. Researchers from around the world have found their way to the unique collection of the Mongui Maduro Library. Click here for more information about the library, the museum and how to plan your visit with us.